I Thought This was a PhotoBlog?

3pm looks like sunset around here at this time of year.

If that is what you were thinking, I already know why. There has been an awful lot of talk about online, social media type stuff, and not so much photography.
Truth is, most of November, I didn't shoot a whole lot. In Kelowna its definitely the shoulder season, it starts getting cold enough you don't want to be outside all day anymore.
I used that time to work on exactly what I talked about - reached 1,000, completely overhauled the website at www.cgardiner.ca again, which has allowed me to update it as easily as I do Facebook now.
Not to mention, the painful realization of seeing this blog had 160 broken links - all my words useless without the images to demonstrate.

Having all of those sorted, I feel like I can enter the winter season with a new focus and determination than I've had in previous winters. I enjoy winters in the mountains because there is almost as much to do as there is in summertime!
So that is just what it's all about for this photographer.  Shooting furiously when it's required, and then allowing myself breaks where I can focus on the loose ends, before jumping back into it again.  Appropriate time management you might call it.

So here's to a good winter! Do you have any big plans for your winter? I'd be happy to hear them!

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