A Beautiful Winter

A 'Snow Ghost' in the Making

Most people, when asked what their favourite season is, can answer without hesitation.  I on the other hand, will usually linger for a while, and usually decide on the one we're in when I am asked the question. (.lol.) That being said, I love the winter and some of my favourite pass-times can only be done in the winter.  Here's a post of some recent images from the 2012/2013 Winter until now.   Hit the link for lots more pictures, now with 80% less text!!!

A view from 'beside myself' in Revelstoke. I really just wanted to take a picture of my new snowboard.
We don't often get snow in Kelowna, so when we do, I like to go for a walk and photograph downtown.

I like how snow can create a falsely monochromatic image and play with depth and texture. 

Inversions happen in the summertime too, but ski resorts aren't always open with lifts running, and the ones that do - I don't spend two to three days a week there with a camera like I do in the winter. 

Winter can be great for portraits. In northern latitudes, the angle of the sun is lower at it's highest point in the day than in the summertime, means you get more sidelit, and less straight down harsh lighting on faces. With or without sun, snow makes a great diffuser for ambient and off-camera lighting.

Everything is bright white so you can get some really fast shutter speeds, at higher than normal ISOs with imperceptible impact on your image quality, but loads to gain from creative control.

Not going to lie - I spend some time sitting down and taking it easy in the winter. 

Winter fun brings people together, outside in the daytime.  There's not much else this time of year that can do that in cold temperatures - try it. 

I stopped to line up this photo about one minute before capturing this, which was about one minute after we got there. We left about one minute after I shot this.   

With a great group of friends, winter is a lot of fun and a fine opportunity to capture memorable images while still getting a workout. 

I just love this one, I don't know how to caption it, but it shows what riding at Big White really is.  A friend was visiting from Ontario and riding some western mountains for their first few times and just before shooting this, his words "this will be the craziest thing I ever did on a snowboard" and boom snapped the picture, he stomped it, and he has a memorable photo of it. 

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