GoPro Does It Again

There it goes again, GoPro makes a new, and somehow, more awesome helmet camera again.  What is it? The Hero3+ : Black Edition. They also released a 3+ Silver which sounds more like the Hero3 Black from last season.

What looks most dope about it? Oh I don't know, did you see the first two seconds of the YouTube video above? I don't say this a lot, but omg. Toting tones of new features in an even smaller package, the most impressive appears to be the new angle "SuperView" which in the first glance made me feel like I was watching something off of a much larger camera, IMAX style.

Not only does it boast this new, immersive view, but it also claims longer battery life, sharper picture and better low light capability. They are expected to retail around the same price point the Hero3's came out at last year, and then drop those previous models by about $50 USD each.

If this post has you interested about the Hero3+ Black Edition, you should check this page out. It has all the details - and the ability to deliver one to your door.

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