Kelowna Crafter's Market

Chris Gardiner Photography stall at the Farmer Market in Kelowna
In July of 2013 we started up a vendor's stall at the Kelowna Farmer and Crafter's Market every Wednesday and Saturday Morning we could make it!  The entire thing was Steph's idea really, I just had the photos - haha.
Read on to see what we needed, and the initial investment to get a small stand up.

Saturdays are a tossup to make it into the lineup, thats why we sleep in lineup... sorta like those videogamers with midnight releases. lol
A Photo from our setup on Day 1 - from my instagram feed! 

There was a little bit of application necessary for the Kelowna market. After that, we began to invest in what we needed from tables to signs, and tents.

What we had to buy:
  1. Tent - 10' x 10' with removable side netting - shade is good for prints on display outdoors. 
  2. Two Six-Foot Folding Tables - we need to display our work on something other than the ground right?
  3. A used product stand which we use closepegs to hang prints on
  4. Two Fitted Black Tablecloths - they fit nice and tight, so there are never any folds, creases, any of that messing about, especially when you are setting up so early in the morning. 
  5. Signage - Two Meters of a Heavy and Neutral colored fabric from Fabricland. 
The view from inside our stall looking out.
What we  already had: 
  1. A couple hundred prints from various sizes ranging from 4" x 6" to 13" x 19"
  2. A couple great portfolio books to display a lot of prints in a small space
  3. Great personalities perfect for talking to strangers and selling them on our locally sourced artwork
The entire summer has been an awesome, fun and lucrative learning process. We have loads more to share, sell and talk about when it comes to our offering at the farmer's market.
We brought our massive print to sell, straight off our wall at home!
I like to photograph popular prints so I know what to reprint!

Kelowna is a great location for starting a stall at a Farmer and Crafter market and has piqued our interest enough for us to focus, and attack it even harder for next summer.   But not so fast - there are still a few outdoor markets left for the summer! Look for us there,

Also, we'll be at a couple of the Kelowna Winter Market! We'll keep you updated to which dates. We'll have more calendars this year if you were one of the many that got one last year! Look for a fresh new design with plenty more beautiful locales!

Thanks for reading, and check back soon!

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