We're Moving!

The Cave and Basin, Banff National Park 
The office is in a state of transition after this extremely busy summer of 2013. We've decided to move on to bigger and better, and so we've found the ideal location that will allow us to be more efficient and productive with our time.

I could go on about whats just over the horizon, but I realize now that it has been a while, so I'll touch on how the summer went.

Weddings - Who's speech was this?
- As always, lots of weddings, and more than I plan for, after all the last minute calls for quotes. Weddings had me travel as far as Ontario earlier this year, and that's awesome!  Got a few exciting things to share regarding weddings, but those are still over the horizon.

Weddings - Whatever the weather, we'll get the photos. 
The Knox Mountain Hill Climb in May 2013
- Back to the sport and music festivals.  Center of Gravity returned to Kelowna, and so did Keloha - and I photographed them.  Center of Gravity has been such a consistent fan of my work with the sports part of the weekend festival, that this year they brought me onto the staff for it.

Nelson, British Columbia - A beautiful town in the Kootenay Rockies

- Did a little travelling, made a trip to Banff of course, as I tend to do at least once in every year, as well as the South Kootenays which I previously had never visited, and as far west as Vancouver Island, also for my first time.
Cathedral Grove - Vancouver Island, BC
My Stall at the Farmer's Market (setup and selection may vary! lol! )

- Got myself into the Kelowna Farmer and Crafter's Market for most Wednesday's and Saturday's since July! It's been a blast, just talking to people about my photography and helping them find the right piece of art for their home or office.

A little time-lapse setup by the lakeshore for sunset. 
- Been working on my video capture and editing skills this summer as well.  Can't wait to put some creative projects together.

Bald Eagles - One of my first real opportunities to capture in the wild.

Thanks for reading, more photos on the way, or you can check out my facebook page, instagram, twitter, and more!

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