I'm On TV!

Last time I titled a post "Look I'm On TV!" it was for a silly still photo I 'fabricated' for the Rick Mercer Report.

This time it's for another Canadian Program, but it features all of my own work - a simple scenic timelapse from the shores of Lake Okanagan.  Hit the link to see the original footage, and a video-tearsheet from where it was used, and how you can find it.

Here it is in this quick youtube vid I made - it shows first my timelapse from October 2012, and then my clip in it's place (like a half of a second - lol) on the Amazing Race Canada's second episode, while recapping about Kelowna in Episode 1.

Here's hoping I sell more and more footage in the months ahead! It's a great addition to the photography I have been doing, especially if it adds a little extra income.

Thanks for reading, until next time!

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