Out Shooting with Abigail

How often do you photograph someone with blue hair? Here is a look at a quick photo session I had one autumn evening in the Okanagan with Abigail, a makeup artist, hair stylist and aspiring model.

More photos and some info on my set up after the jump.

Of course I will always give the best I have to offer at each photoshoot, but I took this opportunity to try some techniques with portraits that were new to me.

For instance, you may notice a couple frames here were created with an ultra wide angle lens, usually I don't like what it does to people, but I've also been getting better at controlling and minimizing its effects. I also shot straight into the sun, with it in my frame a lot of times. Usually creates some challenges of it's own, but also pretty fun to play around with. 

Canon EOS 50D
EFS 10-22mm Lens
EF 24-105 f/4L Lens
Three Canon 600RT flashes, 
Two Joby Gorilla Pods as mobile lightstands
One Orbis Ringflash
One ETTL II cord

The gear I had with me is what I would call an ultra light set up, an amount I could easily (and often do) pack for a trip, from touring a foreign city to hiking through the wilderness.