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For those of you readers not familiar with Etsy, it is an online service which serves as a marketplace where you can sell any handmade or unique product that you can create!  Think of it as a worldwide farmer's market.

How does it work for me, and how can it work for you? Read on!

It has been around a little while, but I am still quite fresh to it. After the Kelowna Crafter and Farmer Market slowed down for the season around here, this felt like the perfect transition. It's a great place where I can continue to make sales on all of the product I have leftover from the local market.

some of my most popular prints before I started with Etsy - great candidates for mounting!
How does it work?

You become a shop owner.  Decide your stance on refunds, decide your market, shoot your product images, product descriptions, amount in stock, prices, shipping policy, everything. Kinda funny, Etsy has some products that are priced in the $200K+ area, which I actually burst out laughing at when I found.  Maybe it's not funny. Maybe there is a real market for extremely high priced specialty items.   It's not my market anyways.
Horseshoe Bend! 4x3

It's not all free - every listing you make you pay Etsy twenty cents, ($0.20) and then they also take a percentage of each sale as a commission. I feel it's entirely reasonable since they do handle all of the point of sale financial information, etcetera. Their commission is pretty much the same as how much you'd pay to be able to swipe someone's credit card from your cell phone. (have you seen my post about Square Register and taking credit card payments yet?)

This is the coolest thing about Etsy for digital creators: you can automate the downloading of digital information, so let's say I am a graphic designer selling business card layouts as photoshop files - which I actually am doing there.  Or let's say I don't even have a completed product, but will complete one for you on demand - Etsy can facilitate this for you, as it has for me.
Yoho Larches! 4x3

If you are a small business or individual that can create something of value to a large amount of people - there is no reason to not consider selling that something of value through Etsy.

It is still a learning experience for me, so if there are any Etsy shopowners out there that would like to extend some of their advice my way, I am always open to it! If anyone opens an Etsy shop because of this post, I would also like to hear from you!

4"x3" block mounted photos. These look great in numbers,
and for only $15 ready to go on a wall its a steal!

I can't guarantee what items will be in my store's stock when you are reading this, but if you like something you saw in this post, let me know!

Thanks and enjoy!

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