Chris Gardiner Photography Blog

As you may or may not know, I have possibly permanently left my original day job of being a restaurant and food service industry professional to focus entirely on my photography work.

Part of that is doing small things, like the animated gif advertisement above, which for someone like myself is more like a practice sort of thing - my version of a sudoku for the day.  I got this one together in about twenty minutes, and produced it with the intention to draw more people to my blog. I am updating about five times a week now, and readership is great! I already feel it picking up.  

Not to mention, now the gif is hosted somewhere on the internet, and I can "link to it" so it can be 'injected' with html coding. 

How does making animated gifs help a photographer? Well when you think about it, as a commercial photographer if some of my clients may take my photos, and in turn go to a graphic designer to put together a design like this.... Why not save them the time and effort of hiring yet another freelancer, and just do it myself for them.  It's all about how valuable you can make yourself. There is so much to learn out there, no reason to stagnate.  Just pick the direction you want to go and find what you are looking for! 

If you need animated gifs designed for your business stepping into the world of google adwords or other online advertising - I can help!