Lessons in Kelowna!

I was doing some trials if you heard about it already, but now I am offering some one-on-one time with yours truly, teaching you how to use your camera to start with, and then we can get into a number of more advanced topics!

I am a little early for Christmas, but I am 'inception-ing' you early, since I can guarantee a bunch of you will get a sweet camera for Christmas, and a bunch of you may not know how to use it yet! It can also make an excellent gift to complement the camera you know they have or are about to receive.

Enjoy your day and thanks for reading.  If you want to get in touch with me about Lessons, use email or use this form to send the information I like to ask before I decide if my instruction is right for you!
If the form below doesn't display properly or is not working you can use this link to the Photography Lessons form.

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