Picture of the Day : Days on the Mountain

November 28, 2013 at Big White Ski Resort by Chris Gardiner Photography www.cgardiner.ca
Panorama at Big White Ski Resort

There has never been a day I spent on the mountain, that I felt like was wasted.  Especially when you get to bring back clear images that will help you remember the adventure in the years to come.  Photographing my days on Lake Louise Ski Hill before I even had a proper DSLR was one of the first things that grew my love for photography. 

Enjoy the one above and many more below from this year, or the end of last.

Vertical Panorama
1. I shot this vertical panorama on a day I went out in the snow without a board actually! I wanted to focus on just getting images that I would rarely take time to shoot in a regular day, and try something a little different. I came back with a lot from this day, hope you enjoy this one. 

Vertigo Inducing View at Revelstoke Mountain Resort
2. Revelstoke Mountain Resort is one incredible mountain. For the killer views that it has, from the steepness that allows you to peer into the valley below as if you were always at the edge of a cliff, its a photographer's dream. This is a panorama captured in the 12/13 season.

Tonemapping my way out of the trees
 3. Tonemapping can be fun, and sometimes border lining on absolutely essential when it comes to dealing with high contrast winter scenes. Actually this is one of my first tone mapped winter scenes that I ever shot.
Big White Ski Resort Panorama
 4. A Big White Ski Resort view, with our typical 'socked-in' view. I didn't even have my own camera this day, I used my girlfriend's point and shoot, and shot a bunch to form this panorama.

Big White Ski Resort
5. Cloud layers mix with the smoke and make for cool warm colours in the sky all day long almost.

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