Advertising Spots Available!

If you can't tell, I've been slowly making a bunch of big changes, and there are heaps more in the works.  One of them is a brand new opportunity I am introducing regarding advertising spots on this blog here!
This post probably doesn't apply to everyone, but take a look,

I have four spots available to fill, all of which will be visible on each and every page related to this blog. Although it's statistics fluctuate, it is seeing thousands of visitors a month and steadily climbing and I phase facebook sharing and out, and sharing photos daily here.

Three Vertical Spots, 100px by 600px "Skyscraper" text or picture, animated, no sounds.
One Horizontal Spot, 500px by 85px, again with text or picture, animated but no sound.

They will be available on weekly or monthly rates, and will be priced ultra competitively, for starting February 1st.  I have information regarding my demographics and other page statistics available to potential advertisers upon request.



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