Picture of the Day : Larger Format

Making a DSLR photo to mimic that of a picture from a large format camera showing a wide angle view of Kelowna from Mountaintop by professional photographer Chris Gardiner

Here's an image I captured back in November overlooking the city of Kelowna. I wanted to mimic the look of larger format cameras than my Canon DSLR.  I created this to practice my technique, it has been a while since my last multi-layered panorama.

Crucial tips for making your own panoramas? 

-Well tripods help for sure, but if you have a crummy tripod, you are better off hand holding it.  The one at the top of this page was handheld. So it can be done. 
-Lock your white balance, lock your exposure for the most interesting part of the panorama. I usually do a test frame on just that part of the panorama, at my locked exposure and make sure it looks good. 
-Your panorama can be any field of view you want. Whatever you feel is interesting for the subject. 
-Have a good understanding of some editing software. Try "Hugin" it's free, and it works for Mac's too! 
-Just have fun with it, there is lots to learn that I wont take the time to explain at this moment. Like parallax errors, and layer blending in photoshop. 

Are you curious about settings for each frame in this panorama?
ISO 400  f/4 and 1/200sec 
It's final size of the uncropped panorama is 266 megapixel, the cropped one shown here is 190. 

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