Picture of the Day : Okanagan Sunset

Okanagan Sunset by Chris Gardiner Photography in Kelowna using Luminosity Blending of Multiple Exposures
Okanagan Sunset in Kelowna this week
This picture of the day might look a little familiar to some others I have shared from the same location.  What I like about this one, is it's the first blended composite I made using luminosity layer masks.  So in other words; switching up my post processing method and tried something new here.

Read on for some more details about how it all worked, and a link to purchase a printed copy if you're interested;

This is a composite of three photos, captured in RAW on my Canon 50D with a EF-S 10-22 lens on.  Captured at 0, -2 and +2 EV.

I processed the RAWs in Lightroom 5, then transferred to photoshop.

Ran the luminosity masking action I created earlier this week,

Started with 0EV shot on background, and then three layers of the -2 EV each with a slightly different luminosity mask for the highlights, and a slightly tweaked opacity.

Dropped two layers of the +2 EV on with similar settings for the shadows, as above.

One layer adjustment curves layer applied to every layer to adjust curves, applied to mid tones only.

I've included the layers I used below, as well as the original JPEGs derived from the RAWs to form the composite.

There is no shortage of tutorials online for luminosity layer masking, but maybe will find itself as the subject of a future post.

Here is a link if you would like to buy a copy of this print on demand at a variety of sizes and paper mediums, created by Zazzle.com who has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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Photoshop screenshot example of luminosity mask blending for composite image by Chris Gardiner Photography www.cgardiner.ca
Example of my layers

Example of bracketed exposures used to create a composite image similar to HDR by Chris Gardiner Photography www.cgardiner.ca
 Left to Right : (+2EV).. (-2EV).. (0EV)

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