New Site : Wedding Specifics

Chris Gardiner professional wedding photography in the Okanagan and Greater Toronto Area, traveling the rest of Canada

I've launched a new, weddings-dedicated website to keep all the pertinent information close at hand without getting bogged down by the rest of my website info.

Check it out, and let me know what you think of it.

So, to keep things nice and easy, I set it up
but you'll find after visiting it redirects to a weebly site.  I chose that route just because it was so convenient that for myself to implement similar functionality just didn't fit in the timeframe. 

Anyone who visits the weebly blog will see that there is a new blog area there too. I will reserve that blog for wedding specific posts, usually directed at previous, possible or current clients.  Anything that would suit this blog will certainly find it's way over too.

So I hope you enjoy, and for anyone looking to get started with a webpage, Weebly makes it incredibly streamlined process for you. 

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