Tour Around With Me Using Google Map Views!

Chris Gardiner Photography captured this 360 degree panorama with Google Panosphere App on an iPad and contributed to Google Maps Views copyright Chris Gardiner 2014
Google Maps Views of the boardwalk on Toronto's Islands captured by Chris Gardiner Photography with an iPad

I like to travel, you might like to travel, and now you can join me where I go.  I don't even need to say it, but I will ; technology is crazy.   At this point in time, everyone is likely to be familiar with Google Maps, and most notably, street views.  Well now, Google is outsourcing their views to everyone in the world.  They want everyone to be able to see everywhere in a full 360 degree view so you can visit without leaving your desk, couch or tablet.

So it's that technology that Google has placed in the hands of smart phone and tablet owners across the world.  I've been collecting these 360 panoramas to upload to Google Maps for about a week now.

I am no stranger to panoramas.  I've been compiling them since before I even had DSLR cameras at my disposal, and even 5MP photos were taxing to my old Macbook Pro.  The technology has come quite a long way for us to be able to compile these on an iPad while still rocking out to your favourite tunes without skipping a beat.

The software you'll need to download to create these yourself is called "Panosphere". It is of course a Google App for iOS. If you have an android tablet or phone released in the last year, you already have this functionality built straight into your device's camera.

So besides sharing some info about the Panosphere's that you may already know, I'd like to share with you my Google Views Profile where all of my uploaded 360 views are held for public viewing, and location data so you can know exactly what you're looking at.

The app is also a great way to create photos of a wider angle than you can typically capture with an iOS or android device.  So even though you left the camera and wide angle lens at home or in the hotel, you can still capture that awe-inspiring view on your next vacation!

Check out some of my 360 Map Views across Canada here :

I'll always be adding more, and some  locations you can even navigate through like google street view, travelling across the landscape.

Have fun and good luck creating your own 360 panoramas of the beautiful spaces you visit nearby and abroad.

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