Toronto Island

A windy day on Ward's Island Beach drives waves up the shore of the sandy beach captured by Chris Gardiner Photography
Scenic view on a windy day at Toronto's Ward Island Beach captured by Chris Gardiner Photography
I took a little trip to the Toronto Islands a couple days ago.  Not only was it an excellent retreat from the bustling cars and the stone faced and stiff shouldered pedestrians but it also netted me some good photos from the day.

This  one was taken from the sandy beach on Ward's Island. The wind was quite strong all day.  I originally intended to head to the islands to capture some city skyline views, but because of the waves I ended up shooting from the south shores of the islands all day instead.

As with most sandy beaches, a good foreground for your scene can be hard to come by at times.  It wasn't until I placed myself in the "wet-feet perimeter" that I really started liking what I was getting with the wavy foreground and the rays of sun in the background.

Have fun shooting on the island!

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