Picture of the Day : The Wedding Dress Photo

If I could lengthen the title of today's post, I would call it "The Wedding Dress Photo is only as good as the place you have to hang it".  So when we arrived at this wedding last month, I was so pleased to see a nice frosted glass door in the bathroom connected to the master bedroom.  Sure its nice to go with the old faithful, "hang in front of the window" but what about when there is too much near the window, ugly hotel curtains, other objects that take away the balance.  
Let's talk about what I love about being able to shoot the bridal dress this way and look at the full dress.

- firstly, compared to a window, this is totally different. There is no ambient from the other side of this frosted glass. Thats my strobe working on wireless mode.  That means I decide how bright the light from the other side, not the sun. 
-secondly, since I am not competing with any incoming ambient from behind, I have much more choice about how I can light the front. 
-I don't think I am a control freak, but I like the control - the studio like environment - I had to work with this shot which allowed me to make it look this way, exactly how I wanted. 
It just happened. Took all of five minutes to get these two and a couple others. Interested in technical settings? 
Canon EOS 60D 
Canon EF 24-105 f/4L lens
Two 600EX RT flashes - one in the room behind the glass, and one on the camera pointed up to trigger it and bounce flash the low white ceiling. 
Flashes were on manual so I couldn't possibly remember the exact settings, but I tend to spend the morning trying to shoot in 1/64 or lower power to save batteries for the evening ;) 
ISO 400 f/5.6 1/180s also on Manual
Shot RAW, and these images are an Adobe Lightroom Edit. 

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