My Stock Video Footage

Thumbnail for a new YouTube video highlighting my Stock Footage Work

As a result of video coming with nearly every camera these days, I've started a transition into a lot of video work to complement my still photography.
Video takes a lot of hard drive space, time to edit and work with, the right project to match it, and a whole world of other things for it to fit seamlessly into a story.
I don't tell a whole lot of stories with the clips I make but I don't want them burning holes in my pockets keeping up with hard drive storage.
So selling stock footage is a great logical alternative, read more for the video presentation of my stock footage.

So, I've mentioned my relation to stock photography before, and briefly mentioned my relation to stock footage before.  Many months after my first clip was accepted, this is a presentation I've put together of some of my best sellers, some of my newest hopefuls, and some that just have great sentimental value or cool motion that I really enjoy.

So I hope you enjoy my stock footage demo reel.  The video is presented in 720 but many of the clips are available Full HD at 1080 from shutterstock.

You can make money from your clips too! Message me if you want to get started and want some friendly suggestions, or go look at shutterstock submitter area now if you think you're all ready to get started selling stock footage!

Shutterstock is nice because it houses and displays stock footage clips to many more potential buyers than I could reach in a day. They take a commission but they also take out the trouble of getting licenses written, hosting for data, delivering low-res comps when needed, categorization, the searching, etc. In other words, they are worth it.

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