2016 Design Trend Predictions : By Shutterstock

Every year, shutterstock releases an updated info graphic of what they predict will be the biggest design trends for the upcoming year.  For stock photographers, that information is super-helpful - some sort of inclination to what will sell well for the coming year can go a long way.  Who is shutterstock? Oh they're only one of the largest stock photo agencies out there. That means their clients are thousands of real designers searching through their 50 million plus image library.   With numbers like that, they can get a pretty accurate feel for what is trending. Take a look at this info graphic just released for 2016.

(and if the graphic isn't displaying properly for you, you can try to view it on the Shutterstock blog linked here)

This kind of info isn't just useful to people selling their images through stock online, this kind of information tells you what sells well, and appeals to people and their current stylistic trends.  So even if all you do is shoot photos to share on Facebook, taking some of this into consideration with your next shoot could help you increase your 'social media status'.

Shutterstock's 2016 Design Trends Infographic 

and if you found all of this interesting, thanks for reading it here. Now this is a little more elaboration on some of what the info graphic touched on. Click Here for More about the Design Trends.

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