Blender 3D Update

title for 3d software made in 3d software by chris gardiner
"3D Software" 3D software render
It's certainly been busy around here so I haven't been able to blog as often as I'd like, but I thought I'd share some of what I've been doing lately. Mostly 3D work with Blender. Partly because I've recently moved to Collingwood and my studio has been among the last things to get unpacked, but also because its so addictive. You imagine it, you build it, you render it.

I've been trying my hand at real life representations of inanimate objects, sold my first few floor plans with my real estate packages, and for fun, I've been building abstract 3D background compositions - things you could never actually photograph - at least not without spending a lot of time and money.

Take a look at some of the fun I've been having with Blender 3D software.

making a little gallery, trying my hand at textures
odd man out concept, a red link in a silver chain, in 3d made with blender
Odd man out, red link in the chain
stylized molecular compound, spheres connected made with blender
abstract background of molecules
stream of cubes made with blender 3d software
abstract stream of cubes
abstract futuristic background with a landscape of extruded hexagons made with blender
some sort of futuristic glowing hexagonal background
stream of coloured tetrahedrons made with blender 3d software
stream of colourful tetrahedrons 
carrying red blood cells in a blood vessel stylized view made in 3d software with blender
stylized view inside a blood vessel
made with blender 3d software a cubic object comprised of smaller cubes
cubic object
made with blender 3d software blue sheets of thin material layered of different sizes
layered sheets
made with blender 3d software an abstract background of multi-level extruded cubes
cubic landscape
made with blender 3d software a stylized atom on a bright background in the Bohr model.
atomic model 

If someone reading remembers more about high school chemistry than I do, they'll probably be thinking how inaccurate my atomic model is, regarding the amount of electrons to the size of the nucleus, but thats beside the point here. Haha.

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