Collingwood Artworks

photos of collingwood captured, edited printed and licensed by Chris Gardiner ontario canada.

I've recently put together a new web gallery together focused on a specific locale being Collingwood Ontario. My new home as of April 2016. Loving it so far and surely will for years to come.

As I did with my time in the Okanagan of BC, I wanted to make sure my scenic artwork that I've captured throughout the area gets seen and used so my name can get out around town.  Out west, I would frequently have my work in a variety of the tourist magazines who'd call on me before every new publication to show them what I've shot new since the last time.  Ideally, that is the same situation I work myself into here with some of the area's own local publications.

 So I would like to invite you to take a look at the new website and let me know what you think.

I wanted to make sure the info was there that these images are available for printing and licensing, but not to a point where I made the website too wordy so the focus was still on the images. 

For the website base template I used a freely available HTML5Up or - they are some of the same web designers, some of the same templates offered on both. But I really can't describe how much I like their work and respect what they're doing it making it available under what is essentially an attribution license. 

Here's a quick little look at some of my favourite images you'll find in a larger size at that gallery.

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