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aerial photo captured in summertime showing houses below with a large grassy green ski resort face in summer time in the sky above.
a view of Blue Mountain in summer, from a real estate virtual tour session.
Real estate agents - if you're paying for high quality video walkthrough tours - I would think that it only makes sense to want to get the absolute most eyes on them as is possible. Especially when you can convey so much more about the property, and your brand in a single short video than you can with a set of photos. With that in mind, I see a few ways of posting real estate virtual tours to the board that I can't fully wrap my head around.

Here are two behaviours that if you're doing now, a simple change makes a world of difference; 

1. You're posting a link to a website, like your own domain page version of the listing in the multimedia field.

2. You're using vimeo or something other than YouTube to host your videos.

Here's why;

1. The popular website "", you know the website that has every listing as a database, that many if not all modern home buyers use as a foundation of their searching? Yes, that one, they actually build in functionality into the listings to have a video play beside your photos. In fact, they know people are interacting with video so much when it comes to real estate listings that they are pushed to the front of the line and it's literally the biggest graphic you can control on the listing page - if you set it up properly (currently, in 2019).  If you are pointed at a website, like your own then it

2. Using YouTube instead of Vimeo is part of what 'setting it up properly'. Why? Well, currently, if you sent the YouTube URL address to a realtor, it can be pasted into the "multimedia" segment for a listing and it will show up with an approximately 800px X 600px thumbnail on the listing page at That amount of real estate is huge considering comparison to the photos that a realtor has control over - being 200 pixel thumbnails on the same page before you enlarge them.

I know you're resisting for this reason

What if you're thinking that conflicts directly with other advice, namely, conflicts with a deep urge to drive as much traffic to your website as possible.  Yes. That's true, you're driving less traffic to your website directly, but you're also better meeting the needs of an interested consumer.

How do I know these things? 

I produce a lot of videos for realtors, and I see a lot of view-counts, and there are a few notable behaviours in the ones with better than average views. The easiest of all are these two steps above that can change your organic reach for real estate marketing, immediately.  Do you want to see some of my real estate video tours on youtube? Here are my Collingwood area real estate videography and virtual tours on youtube.

Why would I want to help?

I have clients, new ones and regulars and I'd love to help ensure that what they hire me for, reaches it's maximum efficiency.  The more success my clients find, the more success will find me. It's that simple. Why tell the world though?  Why not. I needed something to write about anyways.

It's been a while since I've written anything here at the blog, so this might seem like a huge shift in gears, but it's more in line with the photography and marketing I do now. You can still expect more of what I always shared, but also more of this that are aimed at helping individuals get the most from their content, their digital marketing, and overall life as an entrepeneur.

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